zaterdag 10 september 2011

Packing for the weekend

This weekend my boyfriend and I visiting his parents in Germany. The live near Winterberg, which is on a 2,5hr drive from Nijmegen. Of course on this short trip I need some fashion-reading, so I pakced Grazia (which I still didn't finish after a week), Glamour and Elle's Stijlbijbel. Can't wait to get loads of inspiration from it! Today I received my new iPhone cover, a lovely brownish snake-skin cover. I bought it on They offer really cool and different covers, for a really nice price and provide you a great service. So it's worth to take a look!
Besides that, I decided to practice already with my really colorfull outfits, so I'm trying a purple and orange combination. If the sun comes out, I always have a pair of simple, femine black shorts, and for more cold evenings my favorite leopard scarf. Last but not least, we also bougt a gift for my boyfriends parents, they deserve it! With this, I'm ready to go! While you are reading this, we've probably just arrived. I'll tell you more after the weekend!


Love, P.

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  1. It looks really nice, I love leopard pattern!



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