zaterdag 30 juni 2012

OUTFIT | Two patterns

Printed pants | V&D
Top | H&M
Shoes | Converse
Sunnies | Ray-Ban

Two patterns. Not something I thought I would wear quickly. But tried this on, on an early morning and I was hooked. Thought it looked great! I'm really in LOVE with this printed pants. Have worn them not enough the past month, so I'm starting a catch-up.

Wore this look to a huge flea-market in Amsterdam, at the IJhallen. I was a bit shocked of that event: a HUGE line with costumers all ready to run for the best stuff, for the best prices. People are looking for real sale-stuff. So don't think you can sell your brandnew H&M jumper for like €5 (which I think is just amazingly cheap!)! No!! These sale-hunters are looking for prices around €2. Well, and I wanted to make a sale, so I caved.... Ended up having a great day though! Met some nice people, sold a lot of stuff, made some money and even bought some great (and cheap :) ) items as well! Yup, I'm sorry, but at the end of the day I was on the hunt for real sale too. What goes around, comes around. :)

Have you ever been to the fleamarket at the IJhallen? What did you think?

Enjoy your weekend!

Love, P.

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dinsdag 26 juni 2012

SHOPPING | Nelly Shoes

Looking for the perfect summer shoe? Then surf right away to Nelly's webshop. Though I'm actually still on a shop-stop untill my trip to Ibiza, I also still need some perfect Ibiza-clubbing shoes. In this quest for the perfect shoe, I came around Nelly and her own label Nelly Shoes. The really have shoes for every occasion! Like this blue beautiful strapped heel (Cit, €39,95): I would so own the Pacha with this one. But also the black pump (Chalki, €39,95): great for a late-night dinner combined with a black maxidress. The sandals (Mette, €39,95) are sooo me with my favorite colors! Great for a walk on the boulevard or a little shopsession at Ibiza's famous Hippiemarket. And last but not least, these great wedges (Shoya, €59,95). Well, at what occasion can't you where them? Love the platform, straps and color!

So, instead of finding 1 shoe, I found 4 special shoes. Each with their own story already! But, I'm on a budget, so can't order all of them. And otherwise I just can't choose.... Damn you Nelly, for all these gorgeous shoes!

Love, P.

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zaterdag 23 juni 2012

DIARY | June so far...

This month's favorite Instagram pictures.
While I'm more and more getting ready for my trip to Ibiza (now in only 11 days!) I'm also still enjoying life! I've been working really hard this month and this has finally come to an end! These are my favorite pictures from the last weeks which show you my busy but so fun life.

What are you looking at?
1. This month started like summer. Winetasting in the sun;.
2. Summerfood, a lovely salad.
3. Oops, did some shoe-shopping! Wedges for my trip to Ibiza!
4. Went to the European Championships Beachvolley at Scheveningen Beach. Had a great party afterwards.
5. Had sushi with my boyfriend.
6. Favorite armcandy.
7. TGIF! Had Mojito's with coleague's after work!
8. High tea with friends in The Hague.
9. A train-shot. This is Nijmegen.
10. Sale-shopping: found this gorgeous bikini for €6. Also an Ibiza-buy!

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Enjoy your sunday!

Love, P.

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woensdag 20 juni 2012

SHOPPING TIP | Wooden Sunglasses

Pictures from
1. Canby Zebrawood
2. Canby The Bushmills
3. Oswald Walnut

They're a hit! Need a new pair of sunglasses? Then invest in a wooden one!

Wooden sunglasses? YES! Wooden sunglasses! They're enormous popular in America at this moment and soon this hype will come overseas and reach Europe. At you can find some amazing glasses. All these glasses are handcrafted, and you can choose different types of lenses! All so beautiful, and luckily, they ship to different countries in Europe, including the Netherlands!

I'm still not sure which one is my favorite... It'll be either the Canby Zebrawood with a grey lens, or the Oswald Walnut with a clear lens. Ordering both isn't an option, so I'm still doubting.

Wich one is your favorite?

Love, P.

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dinsdag 19 juni 2012

OUTFIT | Peplum and mint

Shoes | Zara (get similar here)
Mint tregging | Pieces
Peplum top | H&M Trend
Blazer | Vero Moda
Sunnies | Gift from Glamour!
Leopard clutch | H&M (old collection)
Watch | Albert Cuyp Market
Bracelets | Lucardi

Another outfit! I'm catching up babes! Outfit-wise then. Another look shot today. A simple, but stylish look which I wore to work today. I had some appointments, but no interviews so I could dress more loose. I chose my mint pants, haven't been wearing them a lot lately and took out my Zara-loves for the first time. Although the heel is a bit high, they're really comfortable! I made my look more classy with the black peplum top and blazer.

Like? Or dislike? And do you want to see more office-looks or just casual-weekend outfits?

Let me know! Love to hear what you think!

Love, P.

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zondag 17 juni 2012

OUTFIT | Black Allstars and parka

Shoes | Converse Allstars
Jeans | Replay
Parka | Vero Moda
Nude blazer | Vila
Tee | The Sting
Bag | Pimkie
Belt, watch | Lucardi
Bracelets | H&M

Just a casual day in Utrecht. This weekend the BF and I went to Utrecht. We did some shopping (I didn't buy a thing! Proud!) and ended in the greatest Sushi restaurant ever, Moto. Afterwards, we took some outfit pictures. I can finally show you my latest favorite shoes, the black Allstars. They're great for a casual outfit, on a casual day as this. Combined with a black (old) Replay jeans, a simple tee and my green parka. This look didn't need anything extra. Just some armcandy and that's it! Wore my golden Michael Kors look-a-like watch, also one of my favorites right now.

So, I'm definitely going to show you more outfits this weeks! Trying to catch up with the last weeks. My work is getting more quiet now, finally, so I can breathe again and do other stuff besides working and sleeping...

Happy Sunday!
Love, P.

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donderdag 14 juni 2012


Pictures via Tumblr and Pinterest

Inspiration. Just some pictures I really love, that have inspired me lately or that I just found cool enough to save on my computer.

My work is really eating me alive lately, so when I come home around eight, I just want to fell down on my couch, eat and sleep. Not in the mood for any outfitpicture, I'm sorry! This is the last crazy week, so expect some pictures again this weekend!

Sorry loves!
Love, P.

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maandag 11 juni 2012

NEW BUYS | Zara heels and Ibiza clubbing shoes

Strappy heels | Zara
Both wedges | Skooz
Golden bracelet | H&M
Watch | Regal
Leather pink bracelet | Market Utrecht
Neon bracelet | Pracht Utrecht

New buys! I finally just did it. I went to Zara and bought these gorgeous strappy heels. We're seeing them a lot lately, they're wildly popular among bloggers, but I just couldn't resist any longer. So they're mine aswell. Not special anymore, but still beautiful!

Besides that, I was searching lately for the ultimate Ibiza clubbing-shoe (you may know that I'm flying off to Ibiza in less then four weeks now!). I always, always, want to wear heels on a night out. It just makes me feel more feminine, but some heels I own are just not comfortable, or I'm just to carefull with them, to party with all night long. Therefore, I was looking for a, not to expensive, party-wedge. Wedges are way more comfortable and are even good to walk on at the beach! And here they are! Look at the bright purple and blue colors! So SS12 and sooo Ibiza! I also had to take these nude wedges. I really have a nude crush and for only €9 I couldn't think of any reason not to buy them.

And finally, just some new armcandy. A bit neon, combined with more soft pink.

Enjoy your week! Mine is full with work...  Again....

Love, P.

donderdag 7 juni 2012

TRAVEL | Antwerp diary

A little diary again. This time my trip went to Antwerp, Belgium. A few days away with my friends. Just relaxing, clubbing, shopping, good food and even better wine with the girls. And the weather was amazing! Had a great, just great weekend!

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Enjoy the rest of your week lovelies!

Love, P.

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