vrijdag 16 september 2011

Outfit: Sleeveless Jacket

Photos Krijke
Sleeveless Jacket| G-star
Top| H&M
Pants| H&M
Shoes| Le Ballon
Ring| Bijoux Brigitte
Watch| Albert Cuyp Market

Sleeveless Jacket. This season the sleeveless jacket has made it's return. Tough it is obvious that fashion is recycling, I never thought I would wear a sleeveless jacket again. It reminds me of the good-old denim years where everyone was wearing a good (high-waisted) jeans, with a denim blouse ├índ a denim jacket or denim sleeveless jacket. Don't get me wrong, I may have worn it, but I'm not saying that I'm still loving it. But I'm always blown away by the fact how over time, such dusty items as an sleeveless jacket are evolving into fashion.

Actually, with this outfit I was a bit recycling aswell. The sleeveless jacket was a gift from a friend, dhe didn't like it anymore, and the (faux) leather pants and top are from last years summer. So, I throw these items together, and it became a fashionable outfit which is totally meeting the fashion-standards for the upcoming fall: a sleeveless jacket and leather.

Unfortunately, my colorfull outfit this weekend didn't work out. I'm still trying, will show you!

For now, enjoy your weekend! What are your plans? 

Love, P.

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2 opmerkingen:

  1. Love love love the leggings! :)



  2. Die broek vind ik ook keileuk! Want ik heb ook zoiets, maar dan ergens in een tweedehands winkeltje gescoord!


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