maandag 28 mei 2012

DIARY | Groningen, Barcelona and more

Another diary. This time about my trips to the Dutch Groningen and the beautiful Barcelona. And of course, some new buys and regular stuff during my regular weeks... 
I edited some photos in Instagram and some in my addiction, Pixl-r-omatic. Want to see more? Follow me on Twitter @styleyourimage, or on Instagram: @styleyourimage.

What are you looking at?
1. My weeks are really, really busy lately so I needed to relax with a good, hot bath.
2. Surprised my mother on Mothersday with this gorgeous roses.
3. A gift from the BF: I'm ready for the European Championships in soccer! Go Holland! ;-)
4. Again relaxing, this time with a good white wine and some fashion-literature.
5. My fav outfit for my hip hop dance class which I take every Thursdaynight.
6. Went out dancing with my best friend! But after a few hours our feet were hurting so bad, that we dicided to dance on our bare feet!
7. A "regular" Mondaynight: went to Groningen for a dinner with students. We ended up in a great bar, drinking these shots!
8. Finally! My beloved black Allstars are mine!
9. The weather is great the last days in Holland, so I went out for my fav workout again: cycling! Just me and my mountainbike!
10. With the BF, enjoying tapas in Barcelona.
Enjoy your week lovelies!

Love, P.

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zaterdag 26 mei 2012


Pictures via Tumblr

Spring is about color. And I've kinda had it with all those pastelcolors... Neon on the contrary has my full attention! Especially since my last Inspiration-post about H&M magazine summer 2012 (read it here), I'm really into neon colors.

Though not every neon-color is flattering on me, I'm really trying to work with neon-colors in my daily outfits... Here some pics that have been inspiring for me!

Enjoy your weekend! I'm off for (another) weekend off fun! Now I'm heading to Antwerp (Belgium) with my girlfriends!
Love, P.

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woensdag 23 mei 2012

Want to Wear: The office look

Blouse, Nelly | Heels, Zara | Necklace, Nelly | Pencil skirt, River Island | Trenchcoat, Mango | iPad sleeve, Nelly

A day at the office. I really would love to wear this to my work. Love to combine black and white. And I love to look real femine and fierce at work. A pencil skirt, heels and a good blouse are just the best combination I think. And combining them with this amazing animal-printed iPad-sleeve from Nelly! It makes me want to go to work right now!  
But, until my vacation to Ibiza, I'm on a shop-stop. No more new buys. For 1,5 month. Good luck Petra...
Love, P.

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maandag 21 mei 2012

TRAVEL | Barcelona diary

Barcelona. I love this city. Just spent the weekend at Barcelona with the BF and his sister and boyfriend. We had a great time! Of course we went out for the real touristic stuff. We visited the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and the Ramblas for example. Besides that, we had some delicious lunches, drinks and dinners. Lovely seafood, great tapas and bubbling cava. And shopped, shopped good! I can get used to this life. I think Barcelona is now on top of my favorite cities and I will definitly go back aigan.

Above, a brief summary of the 500 (!) pictures I took, which will give you a good insight in my weekend! Enjoy!

What are you looking at:

1-3: Sagrada Familia; so beautiful!
4: Fun in the evening
5, 6: We visited Barcelona's biggest market. Found some really delicious vegetables and of course seafood
7: Me and the BF in Park Guell
8: Park Guell, detail
9: Lunchtime!
10: Yup, lunch again!
11: And yes, again lunch. Love Cava!
12: We had some great tapas for dinner
13: An evening walk at the famous Ramblas (La Rambla)
14, 15: Waterfountains at Placa Espana.

Love, P.

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vrijdag 18 mei 2012

OUTFIT | Rock the vest

Wearing: Sleeveless vest | G-star
Sneaker wedges | River Island
Faux leather pants, bag | H&M
Top | Zara
Bracelet | Lucardi
Sunnies| Ray Ban

Rockin a sleeveless vest. That's what I did last weekend. I got this sleeveless jacket last year from a friend. She bought it but didn't actually wear it. Well, I am!
I put it together with this 'union jack-top' which I bought at Zara a few months ago. To make it a more rock-combination, I combined it with a good old leather pants. Felt like a real rockchick!
Tell me, like this outfit? Enjoy your sunday!
Love, P.

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woensdag 16 mei 2012

PERSONAL | Am I the new WhatsTrend Blogger?

Cindy from COTTDS, one of my favorite bloggers, is resigning as a blogger for the Whatstrend Network. And now there giving other bloggers the opportunity to join this network and start blogging professionaly! All you have to do is write a post and tell why you're the next blogger for this awesome network... But that's not quite as easy as it sounds...

So why should I be the next WhatsTrend blogger? I think because not only I have a taste for style, and an eye for trends. But also because I don't have particulary one style. My looks are different as you can see at my blog, from edgy and tough to femine and classy. Also an important habit for a stylist or a fashionblogger, if you ask me. You need to create different looks, for different people. So don't just stay stucked in your own style. Looking at the other bloggers for WhatsTrend, I think this is what I can offer this Bloggernetwork, a new and different style and blog. Besides that, I think I can learn so much from the other bloggers at Whatstrend. I love their style and their own touch they can bring in every look. I love to see more from that! But, critical as I am, I'm sure the other Whatstrend bloggers also can learn from me!

At this moment I'm working on a new blogwebsite. I've got it planned to go live this summer. I'm blogging for a year now, and want to make it more professional then the last year. I've got a whole plan figured out of making my blog grow and making fashion, blogging and styling more and more my dayjob. This opportunity will fit right in! Just as I will at Whatstrend!
Do you want a chance to win this great price? Take a look at COTTDS and try yourself! The contest is open worldwide untill May 18th! Good luck!

Love, P.

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MEDIA | App Pixlr-o-matic

Instagram eat your heart out. Everybody is using the Instagram app lately. Time to go on a hunt for a new app for editing photos. So I came across Pixlr-o-matic. A free app available which gives you thousands of frames, colors and effects that will just spice up your regular pic!

Take my picture above. Just a lousy iPhone-picture taken without a flash in a dark cafe on a drunk night. But with Pixlr-o-matic it became a flashy shot!
It's a shame though, you can't share your pictures on a Pixlr-network or something....

Enjoy your day!

Love, P.

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maandag 14 mei 2012

Inspiration | H&M Magazine Summer 2012

Pictures via Google

Great Inspiration. How amazing are these pictures of Carola Remer in H&M Magazine summer 2012? This magazine arrived this weekend together with my Dutch Elle, and I so want to wear all these above items!

Does anyone no where I can get those items? Online they're not available (yet).

Have a good week!

Love, P.
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zaterdag 12 mei 2012

OUTFIT | Girls night out!

Jeans | Shoeby Fashion
Top | H&M
Fishnet top |
Heels | Primark
Necklace, ring and armcuff | H&M
Watch | Lucardi

A girls night out. Here are some quick shots of my outfit last night. I had a night of fun with one of my girlfriends. That called for a femine and fashionable outfit. I love this new boyfriendish-jeans that I got for €7,50 at Shoeby Fashion! I made it more fashionable by wearing a mint top with my favorite fishnet top from Nelly underneath. And finally, snakeskin heels. I always wear heels for a night of dancing. It just makes me feel like I can conquer the world!

Sorry for the louse pictures, it was already dark once I figured out what to wear. But I still wan to share it with you guys!

Enjoy your the rest of your weekend!

Love, P.

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donderdag 10 mei 2012

OUTFIT | Mango skirt and DIY clutch

Jumper | Vila
Faux leather skirt | Mango
Peep toe wedges | H&M
Clutch | DIY
Watch | Guess
Bracelet | Noosa

My Mango skirt. Bought like 2 years ago, but still a favorite. Wore it this weekend for a nice gathering with one of my girlfriends. We went out for some nice wine and food! Loved it! Because the weather still isn't really looking like spring, I had to change my outfits lately from 'looking-forward-to-summer' to 'back-in-autumn-again'. Didn't like that! I want to go bare-legged instead if wearing these thick thights!

I was also wearing my selfmade clutch! I got some faux leather at the market a few months ago, when I ran in Stylescrapbook's DIY clutch post. And last week, I finally turned that leather into my own clutch! Love the off-white and nude colors, don't you?

And what you think of this look? Like it?   
Love, P.

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maandag 7 mei 2012


Pics | Private
Items | all H&M Netherlands

New in. Sale at H&M Netherlands. Cannot resist that, even though I'm trying everytime! But who doesn't need a new top when it's just €3!? And I also had some giftcards from H&M, so all the above items only cost me like €6! Happy me!

I'm totally in love with this rosegolden clutch. It has a great color, and it is as sophisticated as it is fashionable. And with buying this, the matching bracelet had to home with me aswell....
Love, P.

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zaterdag 5 mei 2012

OUTFITS | All April

April outfits. I've gathered my outfits of April in this post. Really curious for your opinion! Which one do you like the best? The sporty look? Peplum? Aztec leggings or casual with wedge sneakers?
Have a good weekend babes!
Love, P.

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donderdag 3 mei 2012

OUTFIT | Sporty

Pics | Private
Trousers | River Island (get them here)
Fishnet top | Nelly
Biker jacket | Welikefashion (get similar here)
Rosegolden clutch, rosegolden bracelet, haircuff | H&M
Shoes | Primark
Glasses | Ray Ban

 Sporty spice. I was looking for the right sporty trousers for months! Ever since we saw this trend on the catwalks, I went for (online) shop to (online) shop but just couldn't find the perfect one! And then there was River Island, saving my ass with this light, soft casual and sporty looking pair of trousers. Loved it! And totally my favorite color for spring and summer, so I really couldn't be happier! And I also got them with a 20% percent discount, River Island made my day!
Like it?
Have a good day babes!
Love, P.

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