zondag 29 april 2012

OUTFIT | Bootlove and Aztec

Pics | Private
Leggings | River Island (get them here)
Cardigan & Top | H&M
Boots | Oldies...
Necklace | Bijoux Brigitte
Bracelet | Noosa
Glasses | Ray Ban

True Bootlove.... I think we all have a pair of shoes which we just can't say goodbye to. A pair that we have walked on for miles, that may have seen quite some of the world and by which we can tell from it's look that they should've been thrown away years ago. But we just can't. Too many memories, too pretty and just too connected with that pair!

Well, meet my oldies! I think I bought these boots like 7 years ago (!). (I've dated a lot of guys shorter then this!) I know I bought them at a shop called Shoeline, a shop which looks kinda cheap and crappy but also has some good, ferm shoes in their line, which can last for years! We here have proof!

Now I don't actually wear these boots a lot anymore. There too faded to wear to my work and in the meanwhile, I've build up quite some other relationships with other pairs of shoes... But I'm considering giving these babies a new chance and maybe paint them?
But on to the outfit. I thought these oldies were perfect with this new bought Aztec printed leggings from River Island. I so love this print and I can feel that I'm gonna rock this baby a lot this spring and summer!

A simple outfit, for a simple sundayafternoon. Like it?

Have a good day babes!
Love, P.
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zaterdag 28 april 2012

PERSONAL | Blogiversary!

One year  ago I got, what I thought, crazy and started a blog. Though I had a period where my work needed my FULL attention, I'm still proud I did it! And after this period of
non-blogging I got up again, and continued!

I want to thank you, my readers for reading my posts and keeping in touch. Means a lot!

And now, I'm gonna enjoy my cake! :)
Love, P.

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vrijdag 27 april 2012

INSPIRATION | Whites and nudes

Pics via Tumblr and Pinterest

Whites. In summer I always love to wear whites and nudes. They make me feel like bright, shining and happy! Hopefully the weather in the Netherlands will get better soon, so I can start wearing these soft colors! For now, I'm stuck with pictures likes these, so I'm already inspired for all kinds of different white/nude summerlooks!
Love, P.

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donderdag 26 april 2012

BEAUTY | Naildiary #1

The first naildiary. Again a beautypost! I've got more and more addicted to nailpolish the last weeks. Every few days I'm turning my nails in another little party. I've been sharing my nailart mostly on Twitter and in my Instagram dairy posts (like this one here), but because I got so many different naillooks to share with you, I decided to add a new kind of posts on my blog: the Naildiary!

From these polishes above I really like the green one the best. When I bought it, I wasn't sure about the color, but once Í put in on my nails it turned out great! Also the golden color is one of my favorites, aswell is the cracking line from essence. They by the way have all kinds of polishes and accessories to really pimp your nails! The blue polish from essence didn't meet my expectations though and I don't think I'll wear it again. I thought it was a soft, glammy pastel blue color, but one layer didn't cover my nails well enough, and after applying the second layer I kind off felt like I've had 'smurfed' my nails! Didn't like this result!

In this post I've used the following nailpolishes:
Sparkling: base - Essence Nude Glam "Iced strawberry cream" | top - NYC "Gramercy Glitz"
Cracking nails: base - Hema Longlasting nailpolish nr 142 | top - Essence "Crack me! black"
Golden: Catrice "Goldfinger"
Khaki: Catrice "Khaki Perry"
Minty: Catrice "Sold Out For Ever"
Blue: Essence "Sure Azure"  

Now I'm curious what you think of this kind of posts? Do you want to see more nailart on my blog?

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dinsdag 24 april 2012

NEW BUYS | River Island

Pics | Private
Items | all River Island

New buys. As promised hereby a post with my buys from the Elle and River Island event last week in Amsterdam. I saw these leggings and trousers on there website and I knew I had to buy them! Fell in love with the Aztec-print of the leggings and the sporty, nonchy look of the trousers. Just what my wardrobe needed for this season. And this bikini is just what I needed to party at Ibiza this summer! Only 2,5 months to go....  

Love, P.
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zondag 22 april 2012

Alexander Wang GIVEAWAY on Fashion Chalet

Alexander Wang Giveaway. During my favorite thing on Sundayafternoon, surfing on the net and reading my favorite blogs, I came around this Giveaway of Alexander Wang Safari Sandals on Fashion Chalet. Curious how you can win these babies? Check it out here!

Good luck!

Love, P.

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OUTFIT | River Island Event

Parka | Vero moda
Jumper | Vila
Jeans | Pieces
Wedge sneakers | River Island (get them here)
Bag | Primark
Watch | Guess
White Bracelet | Noosa
Others accessories | Lucardi and Bijoux Brigitte

Elle and River Island. Together they organised the Elle loves event in Amsterdam this Thursday. It was a real party in that shop! Live music, Elle's angels, runway shows, free drinks and free manicures! And on top of that, a 20% discount for the first 50 customers! Just heaven for a fashionaddicted girl like me!

Here you can see what I was wearing this day. I took my high top RI sneakers out again and combined this casual outfit. Easy and good for a lot of shopping! I will come up with a post of my buys later this week, promise! Got myself some lovely items!

Enjoy your weekend!

Love, P.

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vrijdag 20 april 2012

TREND | Prints

Blazer: River Island| Scarf: River Island| Dress: Topshop| Harem trousers: Topshop| Clutch: River Island | Top: Nelly.com | Bow sandals: River Island |

Prints. They're everywhere. In every size. All kinds of prints, Aztec, flower, animal, stars and so on, and so on. Wear them with denim, black or even combine differents prints if you're really a daredevil!

I wanted to enrich my wardrobe with some printed items, so surfed around on the net. Here are my favorites!

Like them?

Love, P.

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maandag 16 april 2012

OUTFIT | Willow look-a-like sneakers

Denim blouse & pink jeans | H&M
Sneaker | River Island, get them here
Tube scarf | Unknown
Bag | Primark
Glasses | Rayban

Willow look-a-like! We all adore the Willow sneakers from Isabel Marant. But I guess we also all think they're a bit expensive. I don't like fake, never bought it, but I loved these sneakers so much that, I must confess, I was considering buying a kinda fake pair. But I was shocked, these fake ones are still quite pricy! And if I'm spending a lot of money, I don't want to do it on a pair of fake shoes. So that was out of my mind again.

Then, some famous (online) shops were coming up with some look-a-like Willow sneakers! First there were the wedge sneakers from Mos Kopenhagen. Lovely but not quite was I was looking for, too much velcro if you ask me. Then I came around the wedge sneakers from Supertrash. But I found them too fringy. Two weeks ago a friend told me she saw similar sneakers at Hype Bazaar. But also these shoes weren't the perfect pair that could replace the real Willow ones from Isabel Marant. But then, my heart jumped litteraly when I was surfing around on River Island's online webshop. They had the best pair of look-a-like Willows!! So I ordered and I was way to happy when I could finnaly wear them this weekend.

It was weekend, so a casual outfit (again). Tell me, do you also love these sneakers? And like the outfit?

Enjoy your week babes!
Love P.

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zondag 15 april 2012

DIARY | Maastricht and more.

Instagram dairy. The first weeks of April are running by. Wanna know what I've been up to? I captured my life in Instagram.  

What are you looking at?
1 Had Sushi with some friends!
2 In love with my new Fashionoly look-a-like ring
3. Multitasking 2.0 on a day working at home
4. Went to Maastricht for a weekend with 3 of my girlfriends.
5. Had a great tapas meal at Maastricht.
6. Breakfast with some pie at Maastricht
7. We rented some Vespa's and cruised around on Sunday!
8. Some new bought nailart.
9. A little DIY project, tie dye denim!
10. My latest buy: a Noosa bracelet. Couldn't resist!
Enjoy your sunday babes!

Love, P.

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zaterdag 14 april 2012

Inspiration | Statement jackets

Pics via thelocals.dk, elle.nl and glamour.nl 

Inspiration.  Just to start the weekend. Some statement jackets. Love two-colored jackets and jackets with sleeves with different fabrics.

Enjoy and have a nice weekend babes!

Love, P.

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donderdag 12 april 2012

OUTFIT | Peplum top

Jacket | Rut m.fl via welikefashion.com (get it here)
Peplum top: H&M Trend
Grey jeans | Vero Moda (old)
Boots | River Island
Bag | H&M
Bracelet | Noosa Amsterdam
Watch | Albert Cuyp Market
Bracelets | Lucardi

Peplum from H&M Trend.  I love this top. It's easy, it's simple, it's fashion. Combined it with a recently re-discovered grey jeans and my fav jacket from this moment, the (faux) leather jacket I ordered at Welikefashion.com. A simple outfit I wore this Easter. I used those days off to chill with my boyfriend and to do some chores at home. Not really exciting, but necessary and relaxing.
How did you spent your easter?

Love, P.

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maandag 9 april 2012

BEAUTY | Cracking Nailpolish

Black cracking nailpolish | essence
Silver nailpolish basics | Hema

Nailart.  Spoiled myself with some nailart this weekend. I firstly tried this cracking nailpolish. It cost me only €1,59 at Kruidvat, a Dutch druggist store. It's quite simple:

1. First apply a basic color, I choose this silvercolored one. Let it dry.
2. Then apply the cracking topcoat. Pay attention and apply quickly! The nailpolish wil start to crack in a couple of seconds! When you apply some more then, it will not get any prettier.
3. Let it dry again, and your done!

Pretty easy he? And really love the result! Tell me, do you like it?

Love, P.

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And the winners are...

Giveaway winners! I hereby proudly present the two winners of my first giveaway!

The white watch goes to Eva!
The pink one goes to: Chloe!

Congrats ladies!

Please contact me at petraterwielen@hotmail.com to exchange your adresses!

Love, P.

vrijdag 6 april 2012

Inspiration - Getting ready for Ibiza

Getting ready for Ibiza!  With only 3 months to go, I'm surfing my ass off on the web, to find some perfect Ibiza-proof outfits. Here some of my collection so far. Ibiza asks for a divers wardrobe: of course you need to look hip and trendy, but also kind off casual for a shoppingday and really ready to party in the evening. And I think a gipsy look is a must on that island.

Which outfit do you like best?

Happy friday!

Love, P.

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