vrijdag 9 september 2011

Outfit: Tough Red 08092011

 Photos; Krijke

Red Jacket| Borrowed from my cousin
Dress, worn as a top| Vila
Skinny| Pieces
Shoes| Skooz
Glasses| RayBan

Red totally is my color lately. After my red shorts again this weekend, I found this gorgeous red faux-leather jacket in my cousin's closet. She let me borrow it, couldn't be happier! I love how red really brightens up your outfit, and make ik more tough. And a tough outfit, asks for a tough environment for pictures!
Whilst wearing it more, I'm getting more comfortable with bright colors instead. Up next, I'm really trying some huge colorfull outfits. If I've found the best one, I'll show it to you!

I wore it this outfit wednesday on an day of fun with my boyfriend. We had an appointment with dr. Fish for a nice foottreatment!

While I'm writing this, it is already weekend! I'm spending the weekend in Germany, where the parents of my boyfriend live. The weatherforecasts are great, so I can't wait!

What are your plans?

Love, P.

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  1. you look gorgeous in the pictures! nice blog! I follow! I hope you follow me!


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