dinsdag 31 juli 2012

DIARY | Insta summer

Summer in Holland! It's already been 2 weeks since we came back from the beautiful Ibiza. And finally, summer also arrived in Holland! It was short (we're now back at the normal 19 dregrees...) so we had to enjoy it to the fullest! And I did!

What are you looking at:
1. Tanning in our garden
2. A lovely party with friends during the 'Zomerfeesten' in my hometown Nijmegen
3. Working at home and needing coffee with all these parties :)
4. Funny party pic
5. Enjoying our new coffemachine with this Latte Macchiato!
6. Took a sunset walk with the BF and saw these beautiful skies
7. Fun at work: the start of a cylcing tour towards the Olynmpics in London
8. I finally succeeded! Ombre nails!
9. Had a great evening on a boat with colleagues: water, wine and fun!

What have you been up to? Expect more summer pic's the next days because this Thursday the BF and I will leave for some days of relaxing in Austria!
Love, P.

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zondag 29 juli 2012

OUTFIT | Tie dye and heels

Jeans, heels and top | Zara
Bag | Mango
Mesh top | Nelly
Sunnies | Ray Ban
Watch | River Island
Rose golden bracelet | H&M
Other braces | bought at Ibiza

Another outfit. These tie dye jeans from Zara, which I scored in Barcelona, are my favorite jeans lately. The heels, jeans and top are from Zara. The bag, from Mango, is also always on my side. Classic and big, as a bag should be.

So a more simple, casual outfit for a sunny Saturday. Tell me, what do you think?

Enjoy your Sunday babes!

Love, P.

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zaterdag 28 juli 2012

INSPIRATION | Rib tattoos

Pictures via Tumblr.

Rib tattoos. I always thought they're amazing, but since a couple of months I'm more and more picturing myself with one of these beauties. I really don't want to rush into anything, let's face it, it's no pair of shoes. So for now, it's just dreaming and looking for the perfect one. The perfect one that, if I'm still dreaming, wishing, craving and drewling by these babies after a few months, will be put on my ribs too.

I know the spot for sure, on my ribs. The kind of tattoo I'm not sure of though. I like a word tattoo, but also a more graceful flower or feather-something.

Now I'm really curious! Who of my readers has a tattoo? Which of the above do you like best?

Enjoy your weekend!

Love, P.

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donderdag 26 juli 2012

SHOPPING | Sasha Fringe Boots

Dreamboots. Yeah right! Finally, after months of complaining, it is hot as hell in Holland. And all I'm dreaming of, is wearing these GORGEOUS long, black, leather, fringe boots from Sasha. They're the best wedge, fringe boots I've ever seen! No suede, just leather. And with a pointed nose! Please, please can fall arrive? I want to order these babies!!

What do you think?

Love, P.

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maandag 23 juli 2012

OUTFIT | Shorts and white

Shorts, tee and blouse | H&M
Wedge sneaker, Rosegolden watch | River Island
Belt | Blanco (Ibiza)
Clutch | Stradivarius (Ibiza)
Sunnies | RayBan
Rose golden bracelet | H&M
Neon- and friendshipbracelets | Hippymarket, Ibiza

Finally! Sun is shining in Holland! Here's my outfit from yesterday. And because my head is still in Ibiza, I had to wear my favorite shorts from this vacation and off course white. In Ibiza everybody is wearing white, and my white-crush only has gotten bigger since then.

Like this outfit?

Love, P.

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zondag 22 juli 2012

NEW BUYS | Ibiza shopping

Shopping at Ibiza. Off course we went shopping at Ibiza! And off course I had to come home with a new pair of shoes. Okay, two pair off shoes. No, let's be honest, THREE pair of shoes! Well, let's say, Ibiza isn't only a great party-island, but it has great shops aswell! It wouldn't be Spain without a Mango and a Zara, but we also found some other more unknown shops, like Stradivarius and Blanco. It got even more perfect when we noticed there was a huge sale going on at all these shops!

So welcome to my closet:
1. Leopard sandals (Accessorize), Black suede wedges (Zara), Zebra-print pumps (Zara)
2. Black shopper (Mango)
3. White and yellow clutch (Stradivarius)
4. Neon bracelets and friendshipbracelets (Hippymarket)
5. More friendshipbracelets and golden/leather bracelets (Hippymarket)
6. Lace top ( Hippymarket)

 Enjoy your Sunday evening!
Love, P.

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donderdag 19 juli 2012



Ibiza. I'm in love. It was the best. There are no words...

I hope these pictures give you a glamp of how amazing this holiday was. But I can't let you feel the incredible vibe the island has. Therefore (and for many other reasons) you really, really need to go there!

What are you looking at?
1. Amazing views
2. Partying at the famous club Amnesia
3. Chilling at the beach
4. Me and my friend al Blue Marlin
5. Blue Marlin @ Cala Jondal
6. View from our hotel
7. Another great party at Europe's biggest club: Armin van Buuren @ Privilege!
8. Recovering from partying all night at the beach...
9. Swedish House Mafia at Ushuaia Beach Hotel
10. Great tapas!
11. And lovely drinks at the beach...

Love, P.

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