dinsdag 1 mei 2012

DIARY | Queensday and more...

Instagram dairy. Time for a diary again! Weeks are running by and I can't believe we're approaching summer already... Can't wait though! Here are my last days of April in Instagram.

What are you looking at?
1. I had to return my gorgeous River Island ankle boots because of a broken heel :'(
2. I surprised the BF with a healthy and delicious breakfast on a Sundaymorning!
3. Went through my old babyphotos with my mom.
4. So happy with my new camera! Can't wait to finally take good pictures!
5. Got some lovely orange Tulips!
6. In love with my new rose golden Bracelet from H&M.
7. Did a little DIY again: made 2 clutches.
8. The weather got better: time for icecream!
9. April 30th is Queensday in Holland.This year my hometown got visited by our Queen, Beatrix!
10. Weating for our Queen, sitting in a window on Queensday.
Enjoy your week lovelies!

Love, P.

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