zondag 29 april 2012

OUTFIT | Bootlove and Aztec

Pics | Private
Leggings | River Island (get them here)
Cardigan & Top | H&M
Boots | Oldies...
Necklace | Bijoux Brigitte
Bracelet | Noosa
Glasses | Ray Ban

True Bootlove.... I think we all have a pair of shoes which we just can't say goodbye to. A pair that we have walked on for miles, that may have seen quite some of the world and by which we can tell from it's look that they should've been thrown away years ago. But we just can't. Too many memories, too pretty and just too connected with that pair!

Well, meet my oldies! I think I bought these boots like 7 years ago (!). (I've dated a lot of guys shorter then this!) I know I bought them at a shop called Shoeline, a shop which looks kinda cheap and crappy but also has some good, ferm shoes in their line, which can last for years! We here have proof!

Now I don't actually wear these boots a lot anymore. There too faded to wear to my work and in the meanwhile, I've build up quite some other relationships with other pairs of shoes... But I'm considering giving these babies a new chance and maybe paint them?
But on to the outfit. I thought these oldies were perfect with this new bought Aztec printed leggings from River Island. I so love this print and I can feel that I'm gonna rock this baby a lot this spring and summer!

A simple outfit, for a simple sundayafternoon. Like it?

Have a good day babes!
Love, P.
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4 opmerkingen:

  1. I SO understand what you mean ;)
    Really like your outfit!


  2. Oh! great outfit! Love your leggins! you look gorgeous!!!


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