maandag 28 mei 2012

DIARY | Groningen, Barcelona and more

Another diary. This time about my trips to the Dutch Groningen and the beautiful Barcelona. And of course, some new buys and regular stuff during my regular weeks... 
I edited some photos in Instagram and some in my addiction, Pixl-r-omatic. Want to see more? Follow me on Twitter @styleyourimage, or on Instagram: @styleyourimage.

What are you looking at?
1. My weeks are really, really busy lately so I needed to relax with a good, hot bath.
2. Surprised my mother on Mothersday with this gorgeous roses.
3. A gift from the BF: I'm ready for the European Championships in soccer! Go Holland! ;-)
4. Again relaxing, this time with a good white wine and some fashion-literature.
5. My fav outfit for my hip hop dance class which I take every Thursdaynight.
6. Went out dancing with my best friend! But after a few hours our feet were hurting so bad, that we dicided to dance on our bare feet!
7. A "regular" Mondaynight: went to Groningen for a dinner with students. We ended up in a great bar, drinking these shots!
8. Finally! My beloved black Allstars are mine!
9. The weather is great the last days in Holland, so I went out for my fav workout again: cycling! Just me and my mountainbike!
10. With the BF, enjoying tapas in Barcelona.
Enjoy your week lovelies!

Love, P.

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5 opmerkingen:

  1. fijne foto's! :) x

  2. En wat vond je van Groningen?! :-)

    1. Erg leuk en vooral gezellig! :) Leuk stappen daar!

  3. Groningen is een erg leuke stad vind ik. Net als Barcelone die erg hoog scoord op mijn favoriete steden lijst :D

  4. Ah leuke foto's, en leuk om te zien ook :)


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