woensdag 16 mei 2012

PERSONAL | Am I the new WhatsTrend Blogger?

Cindy from COTTDS, one of my favorite bloggers, is resigning as a blogger for the Whatstrend Network. And now there giving other bloggers the opportunity to join this network and start blogging professionaly! All you have to do is write a post and tell why you're the next blogger for this awesome network... But that's not quite as easy as it sounds...

So why should I be the next WhatsTrend blogger? I think because not only I have a taste for style, and an eye for trends. But also because I don't have particulary one style. My looks are different as you can see at my blog, from edgy and tough to femine and classy. Also an important habit for a stylist or a fashionblogger, if you ask me. You need to create different looks, for different people. So don't just stay stucked in your own style. Looking at the other bloggers for WhatsTrend, I think this is what I can offer this Bloggernetwork, a new and different style and blog. Besides that, I think I can learn so much from the other bloggers at Whatstrend. I love their style and their own touch they can bring in every look. I love to see more from that! But, critical as I am, I'm sure the other Whatstrend bloggers also can learn from me!

At this moment I'm working on a new blogwebsite. I've got it planned to go live this summer. I'm blogging for a year now, and want to make it more professional then the last year. I've got a whole plan figured out of making my blog grow and making fashion, blogging and styling more and more my dayjob. This opportunity will fit right in! Just as I will at Whatstrend!
Do you want a chance to win this great price? Take a look at COTTDS and try yourself! The contest is open worldwide untill May 18th! Good luck!

Love, P.

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