dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

My week: sightseeing in my own country

My week: sightseeing in my own country

Here a short post about my last week. Though the weather still isn't feeling like summer, I decided to go out and explore Amsterdam and Den Haag (The Hague). In Amsterdam we also had our photoshoot! It was really fun and the results are amazing! I'm expecting the pictures this week, I'll keep you posted! Down here my week, partly in Instagram, were you can see how I spent my days!

What did I show you?
1/ Tuesday the weather was pretty nice, so I went to a little beach in our town with one of my friends for dinner in the sand!
2/ Of course that dinner tasted even better with a nice cold beer!
3/ Wednesday, before our shoot we went for a little bit of shopping at Amsterdams most famous market: the Albert Cuyp market!
4/ Enjoying a little sandwich at the park
5/ My make-up for the shoot!
6/ Helping my friend with her beautiful hair!
7/ Saturday, a lovely day with my boyfriend in The Hague!
8/ The 'Binnenhof' at The Hague
9/ We ended our day with some great sushi!

How was your weekend? 
Love, P.

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