dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Lovely leather

Lovely Leather

I just can't get enough of the leather-trend. Last season I updated my wardrobe with some leather skirts, dresses and pants. But I'm still not satisfied. Online fashion-shops are providing all different items in different colors of leather, the one even more prettier then the other! So, after liking a LOT of these on Fashiolista, I decided to create a little wishlist with only leather items! Especially those nude colored blazer and pants, offered by Zalando, are to die for!

Black Jacket| Welikefashion.com
Black Dress| Unger-fashion.com
Brown Top| Farfetch.com
Nude Blazer| Zalando.nl
Black Top| Farfetch.com
Nude Pants| Zalando.nl
Nude Bracelets| Newone-shop.com
Red Skirt| Stylebop.com
Black Bracelet| Jaeger.co.uk
Brown Dress| Stylebop.com
Camel Shorts| Bruun Bazaar via Zalando.nl

Which items are your favourites? 

Love, P.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I love leather in all it's wonderful manifestations from bags to jackets to skirts to shorts to dresses.

    I think I have a problem haha

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    being a backstage diva

  2. I am also loving all this leather going around! Of course jackets and pants, but there have been a lot of really cute dresses out too!


  3. l0ve the black dress! ^_^

    please f0ll0w 0ur bL0g as weLL:


    thanx! ^_^


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