zondag 28 augustus 2011

Event: Grazia's Behind the Catwalk workshop

Event: Grazia's Behind the Catwalk workshop

Friday I entered Grazia's Behind the Catwalk Workshop with Cara Schiffelers (Fashion Director Grazia), Peter Stigter (Catwalk Photographer) and Hilmar Mulder (Chief-editor Grazia). Down here some impressions!

 Pictures above are taken by my and Lucy de Boer.

Cara, Peter and Hilmar told the 13 participants everything about the catwalkshows, and shared some juicy details. It was a really nice workshop, because of the intimate setting, we were all able to ask our questions which made it real interactive! Afterwards, we proceeded our conversations and stories at the restaurant Dudok. With a nice glass of bubbles I got to talk to the other girls. There I met Lucy, writress of the blog Lovely by Lucy. Lucy also recently started her blog, so we could share some experiences! Whilst drinking some nice bubbles I also got to talk with Cara and Hilmar. They are both so nice! I'm really glad I've got a chance to meet them and ask my questions about the fashion industry and my wanderings of how to enter this though world. Though I don't have any fashion-education right now, Cara convinced me that the eduaction of fashion-stylist which I want to start for a long time now, is actually a good one and that I shouldn't hesitate anymore! So I've made my decision, at the end of this year I will start with a training in Image Styling!
After a lovely dinner, the auction of some of Peters work started. There was raised a lot of money (over €5.500!) which all went to the KNGF, a seeing-eye dog fund. The photos auctioned were all so beautiful and if there will be an auction of Peter Stigters work again, I will save up and make sure one of these beauties will go home with me! If you want more information, check Peter's website: http://www.peterstigteraandemuur.nl/.  

It turned to be a great day, I met a lot of inspiring people, had a lot of fun and got confirmed that I should pursue my dream of a career in the fashion industry. For more pictures, check Lucy's blog.

So, now I'm getting ready for the next Grazia event: Grazia's PC Catwalk Fashionshow! Who will I meet next weekend in Amsterdam?

Enjoy your weekend!

Love, P.

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