zondag 22 juli 2012

NEW BUYS | Ibiza shopping

Shopping at Ibiza. Off course we went shopping at Ibiza! And off course I had to come home with a new pair of shoes. Okay, two pair off shoes. No, let's be honest, THREE pair of shoes! Well, let's say, Ibiza isn't only a great party-island, but it has great shops aswell! It wouldn't be Spain without a Mango and a Zara, but we also found some other more unknown shops, like Stradivarius and Blanco. It got even more perfect when we noticed there was a huge sale going on at all these shops!

So welcome to my closet:
1. Leopard sandals (Accessorize), Black suede wedges (Zara), Zebra-print pumps (Zara)
2. Black shopper (Mango)
3. White and yellow clutch (Stradivarius)
4. Neon bracelets and friendshipbracelets (Hippymarket)
5. More friendshipbracelets and golden/leather bracelets (Hippymarket)
6. Lace top ( Hippymarket)

 Enjoy your Sunday evening!
Love, P.

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5 opmerkingen:

  1. Dat horloge op de 4e foto, love it! :)


  2. love the bracelets


  3. i really love the shoes.


  4. oh die clutch is erg leuk! x



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