dinsdag 31 juli 2012

DIARY | Insta summer

Summer in Holland! It's already been 2 weeks since we came back from the beautiful Ibiza. And finally, summer also arrived in Holland! It was short (we're now back at the normal 19 dregrees...) so we had to enjoy it to the fullest! And I did!

What are you looking at:
1. Tanning in our garden
2. A lovely party with friends during the 'Zomerfeesten' in my hometown Nijmegen
3. Working at home and needing coffee with all these parties :)
4. Funny party pic
5. Enjoying our new coffemachine with this Latte Macchiato!
6. Took a sunset walk with the BF and saw these beautiful skies
7. Fun at work: the start of a cylcing tour towards the Olynmpics in London
8. I finally succeeded! Ombre nails!
9. Had a great evening on a boat with colleagues: water, wine and fun!

What have you been up to? Expect more summer pic's the next days because this Thursday the BF and I will leave for some days of relaxing in Austria!
Love, P.

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2 opmerkingen:

  1. leuke foto's!

    Doe mee met mijn GIVE AWAY
    En win een mooi T-shirt van Wulterkensclothing.com


  2. Leuke diary!!


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