donderdag 26 april 2012

BEAUTY | Naildiary #1

The first naildiary. Again a beautypost! I've got more and more addicted to nailpolish the last weeks. Every few days I'm turning my nails in another little party. I've been sharing my nailart mostly on Twitter and in my Instagram dairy posts (like this one here), but because I got so many different naillooks to share with you, I decided to add a new kind of posts on my blog: the Naildiary!

From these polishes above I really like the green one the best. When I bought it, I wasn't sure about the color, but once Í put in on my nails it turned out great! Also the golden color is one of my favorites, aswell is the cracking line from essence. They by the way have all kinds of polishes and accessories to really pimp your nails! The blue polish from essence didn't meet my expectations though and I don't think I'll wear it again. I thought it was a soft, glammy pastel blue color, but one layer didn't cover my nails well enough, and after applying the second layer I kind off felt like I've had 'smurfed' my nails! Didn't like this result!

In this post I've used the following nailpolishes:
Sparkling: base - Essence Nude Glam "Iced strawberry cream" | top - NYC "Gramercy Glitz"
Cracking nails: base - Hema Longlasting nailpolish nr 142 | top - Essence "Crack me! black"
Golden: Catrice "Goldfinger"
Khaki: Catrice "Khaki Perry"
Minty: Catrice "Sold Out For Ever"
Blue: Essence "Sure Azure"  

Now I'm curious what you think of this kind of posts? Do you want to see more nailart on my blog?

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