maandag 13 februari 2012

Valentine Inspiration

From left to right:
Red & pink sandal | Sasha.nlHeart ring |
Hearts top |
Heart top |
Red dress |
Dress Filippa K | via
Hello Darling Tee |
Negligee |
Pink Chino |
Flowered top |
Lace dress |
Flowered flats |
Leopard heart necklace |
Red bra |
Red Clutch |

Valentine Inspiration Tomorrow it's Valentines Day! Do you have a big date planned? Or have you scheduled your date to the next weekend, because, let's face it, a big date on a tuesday when you have to work on wednesday cannot become really big, can it? ;) Well, to dress up for your date, I have some romantic inspiration for you. Some sweet dresses, charming top and tempting shoes. Just to match with the day of love.

Enjoy your Valentines Day!

Love, P.

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6 opmerkingen:

  1. Cute items! Love the hearts top from topshop and lace dress.

  2. Hoi! De broeken op mijn blog zijn allebei van Zara. Fijne valentijn morgen!! xx

  3. Leuke inspiratie hihi, die clutch is gaaf!

    The Fashion Estate - GIVEAWAY:

  4. great items! xx

  5. lovely pieces!
    happy valentine's day


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