vrijdag 13 januari 2012

Ordered: We Like Fashion

Welikefashion.com. For not so long ago I signed up for the newsletter of Welikefashion.com. I didn't want to sign up for a long time, because I just know that I couldn't resist and would order way to much on their website... Good for them, but not for my wallet. And I was right...

For a while I'm looking for a black (faux) leather biker jacket. But still wasn't lucky. Untill this week. In Welikefashion.com's newsletter was placed the black biker jacket from Rut m.fl. I was in love. Immediately. Aswell with the faux leather beige treggings from Pieces. So I decided to order. And offcourse while surfing trough their gorgeous items, I also ordered the 1000-ways dress from Supertrash, which also was on my wishlist for a while. And who can resist a beautiful black blazer from Mödstrom in sale (50% off!)? Now all I have to day is wait untill this fashionable package is deliverd! And sign off from their newsletter....
Do you like it? Have a nice weekend lovelies!

Love, P.

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4 opmerkingen:

  1. I like so much this post. Well done.


  2. LOVE IT!!


  3. Love the simple choices!


  4. Love it! the jacket is amazing!



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