woensdag 29 juni 2011

Côte d'Azur, Wedding and Tuscany: our holiday

I'm back!

The last 2 weeks my boyfriend and I visited the French Côte d'Azur and Tuscany in Italy. The first week we stayed in a little town near Cannes, and visited the beautifull cities Nice, Saint-Tropez and Monaco. We enjoyed the lovely weather, though later on it became cloudy and we even had some rain, and relaxed! In the first weekend of June we drove to Lucca, Tuscany. Here we spent three days with some good friends because one of our friends got married there! It was such a lovely scenery, and just so fantastic to be there with her family and friends. More pictures of this beautifull day, bride and groom and offcourse my outfit will follow soon! :)
After this romantic weekend we drove a bit southwards, and stayed in San Gimignano for our last four days.

During the next days and posts, I will take you along on our trip. Down here you can get the first impression of the beautifull landscape of this southern piece of France, the big wedding and the lovely Tuscany. Later on, some more outfitpost will follow and offcourse I will show you more of the romantic wedding!


Pic 1: Because of a newsitem on Leonardo DiCaprio we spotted the town Portofino and noticed that it was on our route from Pisa to France. The pictures on internet were so beautiful that we just had to stop there. And the pictures and stories were so wright: it was just gorgeous! And perhaps a marvellous place for our wedding? ;)
Pic 2: Almost as beautiful, but a real different experience: Monaco!
Pic 3: How romantic can you get it? The weddingsite at Lucca.
Pic 4: Me (and dress 1) and my boyfriend at the wedding
Pic 5: Bride and Groom: amazing.
Pic 6: Good friends! (And dress 2) Partytime at the wedding!
Pic 7: San Gimignano
Pic 8: Piazza del Campo at Siena.

Love P.

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