zondag 21 oktober 2012

DIARY | Instagram October

Another diary. It's October already. Time is really running by! Maybe it's because of all the cool stuff I've been doing... Above a recap from my month so far.

What are you looking at?
1. Me-time with my friends Ben and Jerry
2. Happy with my new Zara boots!
3. Too busy too cook....
4. Waking up with Starbucks
5. Surprise from the BF
6. Again time to relax with some booz and Vogue =)
7. New boots and new coat
8. Fun with friends with cheese and wine...
9. New dress on sale
10. After a hard week of work, I totally deserved this!
11. A fashion shoot this Saturday at B-Academy
12. Hello Amsterdam! Ready to shop!
13. Partying with the girls in Amsterdam
14. Hed Kandi party Amsterdam
15. Hangover breakfast: a coke and bread with eggs and cheese.

Enjoy your week!

Love, P.

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