donderdag 20 september 2012

Instagram DIARY

Diary. First weeks of september captured with Instagram.

What are you looking at?
1. Fun with my cousins
2. Love this red nailpolish
3. Wearing my Aztec printed leggings from River Island
4. Love this outfit picture with the graffiti background
5. Started with my horseriding again!
6. New leopard iPhone cover!
7. Already scored a new winter coat!
8, 9. Went to the Floriade with my boyfriend
10. Got some sushi! <3
11. Goodiebag from the Fabulous Women event I attended
12. PANIC! Didn't know what to wear for a girls night out!
13. Had tequilla with my girls... Not always a smart idea... =)

Have a good week!  

Love, P.

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7 opmerkingen:

  1. Ziet eruit als een gezellige week! Tequila vind ik alleen wel vies :-P

  2. Hi! :)
    I love your blog!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  3. I love the pics! Have a good weekend!


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