woensdag 20 juni 2012

SHOPPING TIP | Wooden Sunglasses

Pictures from shwoodshop.com
1. Canby Zebrawood
2. Canby The Bushmills
3. Oswald Walnut

They're a hit! Need a new pair of sunglasses? Then invest in a wooden one!

Wooden sunglasses? YES! Wooden sunglasses! They're enormous popular in America at this moment and soon this hype will come overseas and reach Europe. At www.shwoodshop.com you can find some amazing glasses. All these glasses are handcrafted, and you can choose different types of lenses! All so beautiful, and luckily, they ship to different countries in Europe, including the Netherlands!

I'm still not sure which one is my favorite... It'll be either the Canby Zebrawood with a grey lens, or the Oswald Walnut with a clear lens. Ordering both isn't an option, so I'm still doubting.

Wich one is your favorite?

Love, P.

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4 opmerkingen:

  1. how original sunglasses. I wonder how I would look on them.

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  2. nice nice nice


  3. Nice sunglasses!Thanks for the lovely commentX

  4. J'aime les lunettes!!!Super!

    Angela Donava


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